About Q-LINN

“Our number one priority is to ensure that women with big boobs have the options to perform any activity that women with smaller bodies can, with the same level of comfort and support. Our belief is that by producing lingerie that is both supportive and flattering to the big boobed women, we can truly empower these women to achieve.”


Welcome to Q-LINN Australia Sports Bras.

Why Are Q-LINN bras so amazing?

My name is Ivanka Menken and I fell in love with the Q-LINN performance underwear in 2012 and I would like to share with you why. 

As a teenager I often felt held back because of the limitations of my body. I wanted to compete in my chosen sports: horse riding and tennis. But from the young age of 12 I had a size 12D chest which is really difficult when you're playing these high impact sports.

My mother was very serious about the need for proper support and this often meant I ended up with the least attractive bra from the shop. Great support, but it just didn't look nice. There was a selection of colours: nude/beige, plain black or white. Not exactly what a teenage girl would choose but that's what was available so you didn't say anything.

Exercise hurts

It became clear quite quickly that my love and passion was (and is) horse riding so I dropped tennis but continued with my dressage. Often I would be looking at video footage of myself cringing about the amount of movement my breasts had during a dressage competition or training session. It was distracting and unflattering. It also hurt.... a lot.

When you feel your boobs bounce and jiggle it is painful, not just during the training session but often also the day after. It feels like somebody tried to stretch your skin (remember that prank kids used to play at school where they would twist the skin on your arm in opposite directions? That's the feeling. I think it was called Chinese burns? )

It went on like this for years... suffering in silence, thinking this was a normal part of being a woman who likes to exercise. The shoulder pain, the headaches, the stretched skin and the sore upper back... I thought this was all normal.

Until I discovered the Q-LINN bras. In 2012 we visited The Netherlands and as per normal I went to a saddlery store to see what's new and cheap in Europe so I can bring some clothing and gear back home to Australia. That's where I saw Q-LINN.

Freedom ... at last...

From the moment I tried on the Amsterdam bra I was sold. The material looks like luxurious lingerie for every day wear and the colour makes it invisible under white. But that's not what did it for me though... the moment I hooked the straps into a cross on my back I just felt 'held'. I did my normal 'jumping up and down in the fitting room' to see how much bounce and moment I had and was totally impressed.

" Held, Not Held Back "

I have been wearing Q-LINN every time I ride, or go to the gym, or go for a run, or go to pilates, or go to yoga... (you get the idea) and never looked back.

My favourite styles are the Barcelona and the Amsterdam Bra because they suit my body type really well.   

Q-LINN Australia

When you find a product that can help so many women in Australia you just want to share it. My next step was to approach the Q-LINN business to bring the brand to Australia. And since 2013 Q-LINN has been available to Australian women with great success. It makes me so happy and proud when I see girls at horse riding events proudly showing off their Q-LINN bras and telling me how it has changed their life. 

The random phone calls from happy women just absolutely make my day! They just want to share their stories on how Q-LINN changed their life. It's absolutely wonderful and fills me with gratitude and joy.

Style and substance for the perfect fit

Q-LINN Sports bras undergo rigorous testing, not just in the design office but out in the real world where women exercise and make a difference. The resulting flexibility, flirty design and functionality have made Q-LINN bras the perfect accompaniment to any athletic event you might pursue, while maintaining the good looks and seamless finish to fit in under the most corporate attire.

Our History

Initially designed by horse riders for horse riders, every Q-LINN garment has been tested across a range of riding disciplines to accommodate a broad range of movement.

The Idea to make good looking sports underwear started in The Netherlands in 2009. Following three years of development, Q-LINN launched two models of sports bra, two models of ladies’ panties, and one sports top in 2012.

nominatie-product-van-het-jaar.pngRecognised for our fit, form and function, we awarded Best Sports Underwear and nominated for Product of the Year by the leading Dutch Equestrian magazine ‘De Hoefslag’ shortly after the brand was introduced to the market.

While our heritage remains in the equestrian market (‘Equi’ means horse in Latin), in 2016 we changed our name from Equi.Linn Sports Lingerie to Q-LINN, as athletes from a number of different fields began to recognise the quality and comfort of our range.

Today, Q-LINN is sold in 54 locations within the Benelux, and a number of locations across Europe.

Q-LINN is also proudly stocked in Australia and New Zealand by our local distributor, a Netherlander living locally, with connections back to our parent company.