Being a running mum means you value support and comfort

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Being a running mum means you value support and comfort

Being a running mum means you value support and comfort

26th Apr 2018

I sometimes feel that every mum should be called a running mum. That's all we seem to be doing as mums.. we run.. whether we like it or not - we're always on the go. 

Things to do, places to go

I see mums running after their toddlers in supermarkets.  I see mums running to the school bus trying to get their kids to school in time. 

And when you really start paying attention, it's always mums that are running from the car to the shops and back to the sports fields after picking up the kids from daycare / school etc. And when they are not running, they walk with purpose. Places to go.. not enough time between 8:30 and 2:45pm to do everything we need to do before the kids are back from school again.

Whether you're running for exercise or not - I think all mums should call themselves running mums from now on! 

And because we're active all day, either by choice or not, it is super important we wear the correct underwear. Underwear that doesn't dig in, that is comfortable to wear and gives you enough support all day long.

Bonus when you can wear the same bra all day, including your sessions at pilates, yoga or the gym (OK maybe you want to change into dry underwear after an intensive workout session, but you get the idea). No need to stress because you've forgotten to pack your sports bra when you wear the Q-LINN bras on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of Q-LINN bras for running mums?

First of all - these pretty bras mean business. They are sports bras designed to support you through high impact activities like horse riding, jumping or running.  

They are also pretty enough to wear all day. The special elastic in the underband helps stop it from digging into your skin and the flexible wire is so soft, you don't even feel it while you're wearing your bra.

Try it out - after wearing your bra all day, take it off and check your body for red marks. Most bras with underwires will leave red lines on your breast tissue where the wire has been digging in all day. You won't see these lines when you wear a Q-LINN bra in the correct size.

The Athens and the Amsterdam styles have straps that can be hooked together for additional support. So when you transition from a coffee drinking with a girlfriend mum to a running mum all you have to do is hook the straps together on the back and you're good to go.

he Barcelona style (pictured below) has a special T-Bar closure on the back to enable further distribution of weight onto the back and away from the shoulders. This is especially important for the larger cup sizes.

The Barcelona bra goes up to a size 22G and 20H.