How to take a sports bra off.

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How to take a sports bra off.

How to take a sports bra off.

16th Apr 2018

Ever wondered why it has to be so difficult to take a sports bra off? This must be the most hated part of wearing sports bras. 

Why we never quite know how to take a sports bra off.

Especially when we think about the crop top style of sports bras that don't have any hooks, adjustable bands, zips or any other way to make it easier to take your sports bra off. 

Trying to get out of your bra is exercise in itself!...

Also - don't you ever wonder what stretching your bra over your head and shoulders may do to the elastic fibres in the bra itself? Wouldn't all that excessive stretching make the bra less supportive? After all you're over stretching the fibres and they don't just bounce back into shape once you wear the bra.

Even the bras that have a racer back and a little hook are still annoyingly difficult to put on and to take off. Especially when you've had a massive sweaty workout and everything just sticks to your skin. 

No matter what you do, the bra gets stuck in between your shoulder blades and your elbows and you're in that awkward situation where you need to call for somebody to help you out of your bra. 

But what if there is nobody there? You're stuck and can't do anything about it... wouldn't that be the worst feeling in the world?

Q-LINN does things differently:

To make your life a lot easier, all the Q-LINN bras have hooks and closures on the back that help you get in and out of your bra without a hitch:

 The Amsterdam and Athens bras have a single hook to convert the bra straps from normal to cross over. When you want to take your bra off, you simply unhook the straps before you unhook the band. It's just as easy as taking off any of your other daily bras.

As for the Barcelona bra (pictured right) it's basically the same idea: Unhook the clasp on the top before you unhook the band so you you can take your sports bra off like any of your other bras.

This is what surprised one of our models during our photo shoot last July. She was so excited about this that she wanted to share it with you.

Check out this quick 36 second video where Therese demonstrates how to take off the Q-LINN Barcelona sports bra.