I'm a size 12D, what bra should I wear for horse riding?

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I'm a size 12D, what bra should I wear for horse riding?

I'm a size 12D, what bra should I wear for horse riding?

1st May 2018

We have so many women ask if the Q-LINN sports bras are good for horse riding when the rider is a size 12D. Fair question... so we put it to the test.

Horse riding is a very bouncy sport. You're sitting on a moving object with a mind of its own and have to try to stay still (relative to the horse). When you're moving up in pace from a walk to a trot the bounce gets a lot bigger. Rising to the trot means that you go up and down from standing to sitting (not quite, but sort of) so there is a lot of movement happening. Very similar to running actually.

Many women complain about breast pain and back pain after a ride in trot due to the movement of the breast tissue.

A horse riding sports bra should support the breast tissue from moving sideways as well as up and down. 

Q-LINN horse riding bra

The design of the Q-LINN bras is such that this movement is minimised, and as an added bonus the colour violet ice is practically invisible under white clothing. 

The underwire in the bra separates the breasts, while the internal support encapsulates the breasts on the side to avoid excess movement. 

This feeling of support is especially noticeable when you're hooking the bra straps together on your back.

A 12D breast weighs approximately 1.1 kilo (each) so the need for a well fitting bra is quite obvious. With this kind of weight you also need to ensure that your horse riding bra fits well around the ribs (the under band) to avoid all the weight hanging off the shoulders. But not too tight as you still need to be able to breathe. (A crop top style bra is often not tight enough as you can't adjust the hooks on the back. Many sports bras are too tight because of the type of elastic used in the under band which means that you can't move your ribs out when you fill your lungs with air.)

So what does it look like when your horse riding wearing a Q-LINN sports bra?

In this short video you can see the rider wearing the Amsterdam bra in violet ice with the straps hooked together on the back( or rather you can't see it ;) ). 

She is riding a very green, gangly, bouncy and unbalanced young horse in his 3rd ever competition so there is a lot of tension, which makes for additional bounciness (sitting on a hollow, tense and hard back is not the most comfortable thing in the world).

Check it out: