Sports Bras for horse riding - why do you need it?

Sports Bras for horse riding - why do you need it?

23rd Nov 2019

For many women, wearing a sports bra is an every day occurrence. For some women this is because you are active every day, going to the gym or running or playing sports each day. For other women it is because the sports bra simply gives higher levels of support and bounce control.

Over the years we've worn and tested many types of sports bras and they all seemed to work really well for general gym workouts, running, or other activities. 

However, when riding our horses it always seemed that something was missing. Straps slipping off the shoulder, and the top of the breast tissue still bouncing in sync with the sitting trot we were training. (and that really hurts!)

What is so special about the Q-LINN bras is that they were originally designed specifically for horse riding.

When you ride horses, you know that your body needs a high level of support. And not just when you're on the horse. Riding horses also means grooming your horse, carrying heavy equipment, cleaning stables or paddocks, carrying heavy hay bales. 

All these types of activities require different styles of support. And then there is the actual riding: now your sports bra support needs to focus on the vertical bounce that you experience while riding. You also don't want the straps to be too small as this creates pressure points in your neck and shoulders.

The other things Q-LINN focuses on are:

  • Breathable materials to keep you comfortable while you're riding
  • Mesh in between the cups to stimulate airflow to wick heat aways from the body
  • Flexible wires for more comfort and to avoid getting pierced in between the ribs should you fall off your horse
  • Straps that cross over at the back or are connected via a T-bar to avoid them slipping off your shoulders
  • Wide elastic under the cups to provide ultimate bounce control while being comfortable to wear.

We recommend the Q-LINN Barcelona and the Q-LINN Amsterdam for horse riding.

Q-LINN Barcelona and Q-LINN Amsterdam sports bras

Q-Linn specialises in sports bras that are functional, they minimise the bounce of your breast tissue and are super comfortable to wear.