The best high impact horse riding bras in Australia

The best high impact horse riding bras in Australia

17th Feb 2021

The best high impact horse riding bra in the country!

That's quite a claim to make... and we can proudly say that with hundreds of Australian women wearing our sports bras while horse riding we hear this comment so often that we can official make this statement.

The following sports bras are most often purchased by horse riders:

1. Q-LINN Barcelona

Available in 3 different colours, this bra has been a success from the moment it was released in Australia. The violet ice colour is perfect under white competition gear and a staple for every dressage rider.

Q-LINN Barcelona Sports bra - high impact support good enough for horse riding

Check out the reviews for the Barcelona Sports bras for some of the comments: Good back support, most comfortable bra I've ever owned, Hands down the best bra I have ever owned in my life - are some of the comments on the first page of reviews.

The Barcelona bra is available in sizes 8C - 20H

2. Q-LINN Cannes

This bra was released in January 2021 as a result of feedback from women who purchased and tried the Barcelona bra. Although the underwire in the Barcelona bra is flexible and safely hidden in a gel casing, women worried about the wire when they wear their bra while horse riding.
That is why we created the Cannes sports bra - completely wire free yet 

with high impact support for cup sizes 8B - 22H.

The Cannes sports bra is available in Black and Deep Red.

Detail Cannes Sports bra deep red

Gillian was one of our first customers who tried the Cannes bra and this is what she said:

Client review Cannes sports bra for horse riding

Which of these two bra styles are your favourite?

PSThe Amsterdam sports bra is also awesome for horse riding but as this style only goes up to a DD cup we didn't include them in this list.