The upside of Underwear

The upside of Underwear

1st Mar 2021

Girls, we need to talk more about our underwear. There are too many women who suffer in silence by wearing the wrong size bra, or the wrong style.. it hurts at best and can even do serious damage to your health.

Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with Nicole van Hattem to discuss sports bras. Check out the result of a lovely morning in her living room talking breasts, bras and Ferraris!

Yes, that's correct... 

Welcome to the Hot & Healthy show, conversations that change the way women work and live. I'm your host Nicole van Hattem, holistic success coach, TedX speaker and best selling author.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ivanka Menken. She studied to become a teacher in the Netherlands but her path brought her to Australia instead. As a management company consultant she helps many executives and leadership teams to achieve their corporate and personal goals by focusing on systems and process improvement and organisational change. But she doesn't stop there... 

Always looking for ways to improve people's life, she saw the opportunity to bring Q-LINN sports bras to the women of Australia. She is passionate about women not being held back and achieving their goals and dreams, irrespective of the size of their boobs!

So our topic today is the upside of underwear.

Welcome to the show Ivanka.

Thank you! Good to be here. It's going to be fun

It is going to be fun!, It's already been fun! For those people who were able to see what's been going on behind the scenes... we've had some fun. We've been playing.

Now - what does somebody with a very structured business background, how do you end up being a Q-LINN representative? Like, how did that all come about?

Well, in addition to being a very -as you say - structured... being a management consultant and being a business owner, I'm also an avid horse rider. And I've had boobs all my life, so when I was 12 I already had a 12D-cup.

Oh wow - on your small frame? That's quite a lot.

And riding horses - I mean even if you don't ride horses you can sort of get the picture... 

Listen to the rest of this conversation that introduces our beautiful Q-LINN Amsterdam and Q-LINN Barcelona sports bras.