Welcome to the Q-LINN Family: Pamela Bice

Welcome to the Q-LINN Family: Pamela Bice

11th Mar 2019

We our proud to introduce Pamela Bice as our brand advocate for 2019. She joins a group of dedicated and talented women to spread the word about the comfort and support they receive from the Q-LINN sports bras.

Pamela has been wearing Q-LINN bras for years and this is what she thinks about the sports bras:

"I’m a big fan of Q-linn Bras. The number one thing I love about my Barcelona bras is that they do all the work in keeping me flat and still and they do up easily. I panic with crop tops when I’m just out of the shower or sweaty – they roll up and I get stuck in them! I also love it because when I have it on I don’t think about the bra or my chest again – it is no longer a problem – even on a big bouncy warmblood!

I have to say that I also love my Amsterdam bra – I got so used to no bounce from the Barcelona that even when I get all fancy, I still like proper support – with a really nice shape under any shirt."

Pamela joins our team of equestrian brand advocates:

Amber Evans

Leasa Stephen

Tracey Whitehurst

Brittany Murphy