What is the benefit of performance underwear?

What is the benefit of performance underwear?

10th Mar 2021

Did you think 'sports bra' when you read the title of performance underwear? Totally logical as our breasts are usually the most obvious reason why we don't exercise enough, and are not active enough. Nobody likes excessive breast movement or painful breasts while moving.

It doesn't stop there however... we need to wear underwear that doesn't get in the way of our daily activities. Underwear that also looks great, boosting your confidence.

That's why Q-LINN has designed and developed matching underwear to go with the sports bras. There are 2 main styles:

  • boy leg / ladies boxer 
  • Thong / g-string

Both styles of underwear are made from the same hollow fibre performance material to ensure a luxurious and soft feel, while having the benefit of a clever design that avoids chafing and rubbing. 

Ladies boxer

This style sits a at a medium level, just above the hip bones. The legs are cut low to have maximum coverage as you want to ensure the moisture wicking process happens for a larger area of the body. This is especially important for sports and activities where you are sitting, like cycling or horseriding. 
The side seams are glued to offer a smooth silhouette and less visible panty lines under form fitting activewear.

Q-LINN ladies boxer

Q-Linn ladies boxer back


The second style is the G-string (or thong as it is known overseas), and this style has a few additional design features.

The inner band has a velour feeling to stop the fabric from moving, which creates a more comfortable feeling as the g-string doesn't put any pressure on the tail bone.

The G-string also has a wider back to ensure a more comfortable fit.

Q-LINN g-string underwearAll underwear comes in individual packaging that can be used as a washbag to ensure a longer lifespan of the garment. The washbag protects the delicate fibres of the performance fabric during the wash cycle of a washing machine.

Q-LINN underwear packaging