What size sports bra am I?

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What size sports bra am I?

What size sports bra am I?

8th May 2018

Trying to find the right size sports bra is not easy - not only do different brands have different sizing standards, there is also the different sizing in various countries.

To make it a little easier for you, Q-LINN has multiple sizes on the sports bra labels. That way you know which size to choose for your body type and body size.

Q-LINN is a Dutch brand and follows the European sizing standards. This means that the sizing is number-letter, with the number being the centimetres around the ribcage at the bottom of the breasts (where your under band would sit). The cup sizing goes as follows: B - C - D - E - F - G - H.

You notice that there is no DD cup sizing as this has been removed from Dutch bra sizing a few years ago. 

Check these two examples: 

First up a bra which would suit a person with approx. 71-75 cm around the rib cage and approx. 96cm around the breasts. This is the equivalent of a size 12DD in Australia.

The second example is for a bra that would fit a person who is approx. 81-85 cm around the rib cage and approx. 112cm across the breasts:

As you will notice the bra sizing is based on your measurements. Don't assume that you are the same size in a Q-LINN bra as you would be in a different brand. Also please don't take the sizing from your very well loved, 5 year old sports bra as the basis for your new Q-LINN bra purchase.

Sports bra materials stretch and your body shape changes over time. These two components account for the fact that you may be wearing a completely wrong bra size but it still feels comfortable because the fabric has stretched so much. Or perhaps it's just what you've been used to in the past 5 years...

We have a number of measuring charts on the website for you to figure out what size you are. Please use these charts as it will help you find the best size for your current body.

Some hints and tips to find what size sports bra you should purchase:

1) When you measure the under band, please pull the measurement tape tight. There is no elastic in a measuring  tape so you will need to measure quite tight to get the right fit for the under band.

2) When you measure your cup size, hold the tape horizontal and across the wides part of the breasts (usually the nipple line) while you wear a light unpadded bra. Don't measure while you're wearing a sports bra as these usually compress/flatten the breasts will will skew the results.

Use these two measurements and check against the sizing chart. If in doubt, go down in the band size or up in the cup size.

For more information on finding what size sports bra you should purchase, check here: