Why should you wear a sports bra?

Why should you wear a sports bra?

6th Feb 2020

How often do you run from work to the gym or pilates studio, only to find out that you forgot your sports bra? I’m sure you would have thought that it doesn’t matter… you can do your workout in your normal bra. Why should you wear a sports bra anyway?

The result of this decision can be that your in pain during the entire workout, or maybe just a bit uncomfortable because the bra straps are digging in or slipping from your shoulders. Perhaps you have a bit of a headache during your workout that can’t explain?

For women with larger breasts, wearing a normal bra during a workout will make them very self-conscious because of the extra movement of the breast tissue (bouncing boobs).

All in all it is not a very pleasant experience. Chances are that you enjoy your workout less because you’re not wearing a sports bra that gives you the proper amount of support.

And that’s the most obvious reason for wearing a sports bra. These bras are designed to support your delicate tissues during higher levels of activity. Even when you are a B-cup and you don’t feel you need additional support, think about the amount of movement your breasts make when running or jumping. (Yes - gravity also works on smaller breasts!)

A sports bra should be comfortable to wear, wick away moisture from your body to avoid chafing, not be distracting or restricting your movement.

Ideally a sports bra has padded straps to spread the additional weight / gravitational forces over a larger area.

The material in a sports bra is different from a normal bra, it has a stronger elastic so it bounces back to keep the breast tissue closer to your body.

Does this all mean that you need to compromise on looks? Absolutely not! There are many sports bras available in fun colours, luxurious designs and fashionable patterns.

Remember to choose the bra that is most suitable for your body type, but also check if it is suitable for the type of activity you plan to do. Pilates and Yoga place different forces on your body than tennis and crossfit training.

We can however safely say that wearing a sports bra is a good idea, not mater what type of activity you do.