Bra Maintenance

When you invest in a Q-Linn bra you want to make sure you get the most out of it.

In order to enjoy your Q-Linn underwear for as long as possible, there are a couple of things to remember :


1. Washing your bra

Make sure you wash your performance underwear in cold or warm water. Do not exceed 40 degrees celsius, so no hot water cycle or you will destroy the fibres.

Cold water wash is best for the bras as it tightens the elastic fibres which avoids excessive stretching. The cold water acts as a bit of a shock to the fibres and they tighten up again.

Washing instructions sports bra  

2. Washing the underwear

As the underwear has glued seams it also means that you shouldn't wash them in temperatures over 30 degrees celsius and do NOT put them in the dryer!

Heat will melt the glue and you'll end up with holes on the sides of your underwear, which totally counters the invisible panty line idea of these underpants.


3. Machine washing or hand washing?

With the patented memory wire you are able to wash your bra in the machine. However, hand washing will always give you a better result. If you choose to wash your bra in the machine, make sure you use the wash bag that was provided with the bra when you bought it.

The underwear can go in the machine, but make sure the water temperature doesn't exceed 40 degrees.


4. How often should I wear my bra?

Ideally you give your bra a day to recover after a workout session. The more you wear your bra, the shorter the timeframe you'll be able to wear it unfortunately. Ideally you rotate your bras every 3-4 days (as in.... wear a different bra each day for 3-4 days before you rotate back to the first bra).


5. How often should I wash my bra?

The best way to look after your bra is to rinse it with cold water after each wear. Wash it frequently with detergent but not necessarily after each wear. After every 2 - 3 wears you really should wash your bra with detergent.


6. Can it go in the dryer?

NO - line dry your bras and undies. The warm air of the clothes dryer will ruin the delicate fibres of your Q-Linn underwear.

Care instruction labels


Q-LINN has care instruction labels in all our sports bras and care symbols printed on our underwear (as labels would interfere with the non-visible underwear goal).


This is what the care instruction icons mean: 


Caring for your Underwear

The Q-Linn underwear is made with a high quality performance material that is breathable and moisture wicking. This material feels amazing and luxurious but needs proper care and attention. 

thumbnail.jpg Machine wash at 30 degrees or cooler.

thumbnail.jpg Hand wash preferred, but don't wring the undies as this will stretch the fragile fabric.

thumbnail.jpg Air dry by laying them flat on a towel. 

thumbnail.jpg Do NOT tumble dry your Q-LINN underwear

thumbnail.jpg Do NOT dry clean your Q-LINN underwear

Spend a little bit of extra time in caring for your underwear. It’s far better if you hand-wash them, if you have time to do this.

Start with Water
Fill the sink with cool or lukewarm water and soak your sports bra and underwear from 45 minutes to an hour. Keep in mind that if the water is too warm, the elastics in your Q-LINN performance underwear will breakdown and your underwear will shrink. Luckily, cooler water can ‘shock’ elasticized underwear closer to their original shape.
Add detergent
After soaking, pour a small amount of detergent (about a teaspoon) and gently rub the fabric together to remove any spots or stains.

Do NOT wring the materials to remove excess water. Let the fabrics dry naturally.

If you prefer to  wash in the washing machine, always place your Q-LINN items in a mesh bag to protect them.


The risk of improper care


Now that you know how to look after your Q-LINN sports bras and underwear let's find out what can happen when you don't follow these instructions...

Hand washing or Machine washing your bras at a temperature that is too hot will stretch the elastic fibres in the fabric. You will notice that the edge of the bands will start to rook ragged. (See image to the right)

Tumble drying your underwear (or exposing it to high temperatures) can cause the glue in the seams to come undone. The high temperatures melt the glue and it loses it's stickability.