Hipster Brief

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The boxer, hipster and thong made by Q-LINN Sports Lingerie feel like a second skin and have an attractive design that’s fully breathing, moisture permeable and seamless. No more skin irritation during your workout, while wearing good-looking underwear!

  1. Especially designed for horse riding to overcome saddle pain.
  2. Invisible thanks to the thin, fine fabric and violet ice colour
  3. Glued cotton layer in the crotch
  4. Free of stitching and seams
  5. Breathable fabric
  6. high fitting at the back

These Q-LINN panties are soft, breathable, seamless and invisible underneath your breeches. The velour backing makes sure they don’t ride up or move (when you wear the right size underwear)
Skin irritation due to saddle pain is history!

By connecting the fabrics with a special technique, it’s nearly impossible to feel where the fabrics are interconnected, this is also done around the crotch. The leg opening is equipped with a special ‘flock’, preventing the fabric from creeping up.
This smart design ensures saddle soreness during cycling or horse-riding as well as skin irritation is no longer a problem.

Q-LINN Sports Lingerie for ladies is highly breathing and transports all body fluids in a natural way. Your underwear still feels comfortable during endurance training and intensive workouts.

They are virtually invisible under your breeches or jodhpurs because of the thin, fine fabric and the violet colour.
The briefs are completely free of stitching and seams and the fabric is highly breathable.

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