Q-Linn Amsterdam Sports Bra - Light Blue

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Can a high impact sports bra look this good?

The Amsterdam bra is one of your favourite styles, so in addition to the Violet Ice colour we now also have this bra in Light Blue (Powder Blue / Baby Blue). Absolutely gorgeous with a little edge ... and a slight push up effect.





1. Satin cup lining and wide shoulderstrap connection to the cup for extra comfort
2. Soft material that “cuddles” your body
3. The pre shaped cups support you without pressing everything to your chest. (benefit is that you can still breathe!)
4. Super wide and padded shoulder straps that can be linked together into a racerback
5. Memory wire – it follows your movements and always returns back into shape (this is to keep you safe no matter what happens!)
6. Breathable fabrics
7. The violet ice color makes this bra invisible, even under a thin white shirt.
8. wide and strong elastic underband with 3×3 closing for wide pressure distribution.

Who says that you can’t look good while exercising? 


Q-Linn Amsterdam Bra



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The performance material in the Amsterdam sports bra is light weight and breathable, yes strong and supportive. To get the most out of your sports bra, please follow these steps:

  • Rest your bra between wear, so don't wear the same bra multiple days in a row
  • Rinse your bra in cold water after each use to remove sweat and salts from the fabrics
  • You can wash the bra in the washing machine, but make sure you use the wash bag and use a max. water temperature of 40 degrees
  • Do not tumble dry your bra. Drip dry out of the sun.


How to take my measurements for the AMSTERDAM bra: 1. Take a flexible tape measure and pull it around your ribcage - at the spot where your bra under band would sit. Pull it tight, just like you would do with your bra (but not too tight so you can't breathe). Write down the centimeters. 2. Slide the tape measure up and measure across your breasts (at the point where your breast are the furtherest away from your chest), ideally wear an unpadded bra when you do this. Have the tape measure snug around your breasts, but not too tight. The tape measure should not make an indentation on your skin. Write down the centimeters. These two numbers are important for your bra size. Measurement 1 = Underbust size For example: 1 = 77cm 2 = 97 cm This would be a size 12DD For more information, go here: https://q-linn.com.au/q-linn-sizing/ NOTE: The Amsterdam cup is very generous - when in between sizes go down a cup size.