Q-Linn Barcelona Bra  - Violet Ice F Cup
Q-LINN Barcelona Violet Ice Sports Bra


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Hurrah for Barcelona Sports bra! For ladies of every kind, this in vogue bra takes out breast bounce and wicks away dampness to guarantee your most enjoyable workout yet. This sports bra offers the best support.

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Stay secure and supported – without losing your feminine form


Stride boldly through your next high-intensity workout with this gorgeously bright, maximum-support bra designed specifically to protect larger, heavier breasts  (up to 20H) 

Separated but supported: Say good bye to pooling sweat, chafing and bruising

  • A unique cup design and moisture-wicking fabric allows the Barcelona to protect you from the embarrassing and uncomfortable ‘uniboob’ by encapsulating each breast independently.
  • Escape the pooling sweat and painful chafing of having your breasts squashed together against your chest by compression bras, and exercise in gorgeous comfort! 


Style with substance: Beauty in form

Health matters! If having larger breasts has interfered with your workouts, the Barcelona is the necessary indulgence that you deserve.

  • Wide bands and comfortable straps give you a sleek finish, so you can wear a tailored sports top without worrying about the Barcelona sports bra digging in, pinching or creating rolls across your back.
  • The Barcelona means business. You’re worth the comfort and confidence of a gorgeous, supportive bra that celebrates your beauty in form and function, with gorgeous lace and secure support. Now you can banish the bounce and exercise in comfort!  

Reducing neck and back pain: The Barcelona sports bra supports you through the back rather than hanging from your shoulders

  • Shape recovery underwire with cushioning gel,
  • adjustable low and high clips,
  • a wide underband and
  • super-wide straps

give the Barcelona sports bra the strength to support your back and encourage good posture without hanging the weight of your breasts from your shoulders.

A well-fitting bra is essential, which is why we offer a 30-day return policy and a Try At Home service to help you find the perfect fit, no matter where you are. 


Designed for Active Women

  • No matter your sport, Q-Linn bras are ready for the challenge! Designed by a team of horse riders in Europe and tested across a range of equestrian disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, eventing and reining, Q-Linn bras can handle whatever your horse throws at you! 

This is a pretty bra that won’t let you down!

  • Larger breasts need real support to deal with day-to-day activities, which is why the design of the Barcelona sports bra has evolved over time following feedback from thousands of customers to create the ultimate in high-impact sports underwear.



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Why you will love this Sports Bra:
The Barcelona Sports Bra is created specifically for larger breasts. It is made with a performance material that has hollow fibres to ensure heat and moisture is wicked away from the body.
How to take my measurements for my bra: 1. Take a flexible tape measure and pull it around your ribcage - at the spot where your bra underband would sit. Pull it tight, just like you would do with your bra (but not too tight so you can't breathe). Write down the centimeters. 2. Slide the tape measure up and measure across your breasts (at the point where your breast are the furtherest away from your chest), ideally wear an unpadded bra when you do this. Have the tape measure snug around your breasts, but not too tight. The tape measure should not make an indentation on your skin. Write down the centimeters. These two numbers are important for your bra size. Measurement 1 = Underbust size For example: 1 = 74cm 2 = 100 cm This would be a size 75F / 12E For more information, go here: