Q-Linn Product Guarantee

Q-Linn Sports lingerie combines the latest technology in sports underwear with the comfort and design of lingerie.

The aim of Q-Linn is to bring every athlete the best quality sports underwear with the looks of the most beautiful lingerie.



By connecting the fabrics with a special technique, it’s nearly impossible to feel where the fabrics are interconnected. This technique is also used around the crotch. The leg opening is equipped with a special ‘flock’ (feels like velour) preventing the fabric from creeping up or rolling down.

This smart design ensures saddle soreness during cycling or horse-riding as well as skin irritation is no longer a problem. Q-Linn Sports Lingerie for ladies is highly breathing and transports all body fluids in a natural way. Your underwear still feels comfortable during endurance training and intensive workouts.



Brilliant - and super comfortable!

However - it means that the glue needs to be super strong to hold the seams together and in rare events this process may fail to achieve the highest level of adhesive. This happens when the undies are washed in water that is too hot or extreme external circumstances.

HELP - my Q-Linn undies have split

If this happens to your pair of hipster or ladies boxer undies, don't worry. Our Q-Linn product guarantee has you covered.

Send us an email with your experience (and a photo of the undies in question) and we will send you a shipping address to send the faulty undies. We will exchange them for a new pair.

We want you to enjoy the experience of riding and exercising in your Q-Linn undies, that's why we offer this guarantee.

BTW  - the same is true for our Q-Linn bras. If anything happens with the wires or the stitching, simply send us an email with photos of the faulty bra and we will send you the shipping address and instructions on how to return your bra so we can replace it with a new one.

Enjoy the Q-Linn experience!