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Great undies. It doesn't rub, you don't feel you are wearing any, invisible under the riding breeches, easily to wash and quick dry. Perfect!

Kelly Hermans

Ladies boxer

Lovely to wear. Probably could go a size up from normal to be completely comfortable as they are a small fit.
K Fraser

Hipster and thong

The hipster and thong of Q-LINN fit with great comfort, and are of great quality! By wearing these undies, I don't have any saddle soreness after riding, nor irritated skin after sporting, and also important: invisible in a tight jeans or in tight riding breeches! Also great for tight skirts and dresses ;)
Nicole Suijkerbuijk

Amsterdam: LOVE IT!!

This is by far the best sports bra I have ever worn! I love that it is provides incredible support, without sacrificing shape. It is also comfortable, so I don't feel "strapped down" by needing a super tight fit. Highly recommended!!

Amsterdam: Only buy this if you want to experience real lingerie

Absolutely love this product! I wear my Amsterdam Bra every competition and won't go back to anything else!


This Bra is the best riding bra I have ever worn. Its soft fabric is so comfortable yet is is so supportive. I also wear it under my show gear. I love it so much I have already ordered another one.


hi girls i just wanted to rave about the Q-LINN bra!!! we all wore ours at our last comp and they were fantastic and so comfortable even for me as a D cup. the knickers were great too. so comfortable i wore them all day ( i usually can't wait to get home and take off my bra HAHAHA) so any way just wanted to tell you how wrapped we all are with your products im off to order my daughter's new helmet now for her birthday cheers xxxxx


I have just tried this bra and it is fantastic to wear. The fabric is soft and silky, looks great and gives excellent bounce resistance. But best of all your husband/boyfriend/partner doesn't mind you getting ready to ride!! The fabric also washes well and has all those features such as wide straps and wide 3 hook band and when you cross hook the back the under bust support increases and holds firm. Lastly for those ladies who are slightly challenged in the bust area, this bra will rapidly become your best friend. I'm going to try the Amsterdam as well.



Amsterdam Bra and thong

The set is really really great! Top quality, it's comfortable, doesn't limit you in the movement!
Renske Kroeze



Top and ladies boxer

Top and ladies boxer fit great, feels very comfortable, stays great after washing, perfect sports underwear!
Henrike Klein Spenkelink

Hipster Nice for riding

It's te best ladies boxer that I've tried on for riding, stays well in place, you don't feel it at all!

Hipster Most comfortable!!

Without any doubt and without over exaguration the most comfortable underwear which I've eaver worn underneath the riding breeches! Nice fabric, stays well in place, doesn't move between the butties, feels very light. I'm going to buy more!

Athens bra and hipster

Next to horse riding, which I do most of the day, I like running. Most of my days are packed with sporting, therefore a sports bra is necessary for me. The support due to the smart details in the bra brings comfort while sporting. The wide, padded shoulder straps can be transformed to racer back. The strong mesh at the sides, the wide elastic band under cups and the wide adjustable 3hooks closing in combination with the nice material, padded cups and chic violet ice color make Q-LINN a unique product. I also use the Q-LINN underwear during chic occasions and dressage competition, because dressage is show, radiation and performance as well. A well chosen sports bra fits well with that. Q-LINN achieves a nice radiation, good comfort and good support in many different occasions.
Marlies van Baalen Top dressage athlete


Great comfortable sports bra which feels like a second skin! The breast aren't compressed against the body like many others. It's a great bra with both running and horse riding, it gives good support! TOP!
Margo van den Berg

Happy again!

It feels good to be back in the saddle for long rides, without skin irritation, I’m happy again!


Perfect! no more saddle soreness for me! Also great: it really doesn’t shine trough, even not trough a thin Kingsland breech!

Second Skin

An excellent boxer for horse riding, very comfortable moist regulating.

Hipster Top Invention!

For years I've been searching for underwear which doesn't irritate! Finally I've found it! No more saddle pain or sweat pants! I'm wearing it all the time now, not only with horse riding!
Jolanda Levinson