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Why choose a special Q-LINN Boxer?

There’s an abundance of sporty boxers with great prints and waist bands out there. The cotton of which they are made feels comfortable and breathing. However, cotton also has the adverse effect of absorbing body fluids instead of transporting it.Q-Linn men sport boxer

Hence the fabric becomes rough, rubs against the skin, causes irritation and softens your skin. An unpleasant feeling while you’re jogging, cycling or horse-riding.

To prevent this from happening and to offer maximum comfort during each kind of training and match, Q-LINN Sports Lingerie uses a specific material that feels just like cotton and looks great, but does transport fluids and keeps your skin dry.

Seamless Design

The Q-LINN Sports Boxers doesn’t use the usual seams but special point glue seams, which are extremely thin and don’t cause skin irritation. The stitches at the leg opening are removed, while the boxer still stays in place by using a special rough finish.

Color and sizes

Q-LINN Sports Boxers are available in sizes XS to XL and the color Ash, a chic color which combines with virtually all garments and doesn’t show while wearing a thin white sports shorts or riding breeches. Try an Q-LINN Boxer for yourself and experience the difference!

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